Clock Trigger


This converts trigger hits or audio signals into clock pulses. The clock output works with devices that accept a 5V pulse. For example using this with a sequencer results in the sequencer taking one step per hit. This can interface simply with drum machines or DAWs by simply panning a click track out to one side and sending that to the Clock Trigger and panning the rest of your sounds to the other side.

With control over trigger input sensitivity you can tune it to work with various piezo input methods and a pulse length control lets you filter out phantom hits that would otherwise result in multiple unwanted clock pulses.

Turning the pulse length all the way up activates a second mode that lets you use trigger hits to turn on and off a 5V signal. This can be used with the CV input of devices like the Maximal Drone to work as a trigger controlled on/off.

The trigger input is 1/4″ and the clock output is 1/8″. There is an LED to indicate power as well as a 2nd LED that gives a visual representation of the clock output. It is powered by an included internal 9-volt battery or any 9V Center-Negative DC adapter. Connecting a power supply will automatically disconnect and reserve the battery. This was designed and hand-built in Oakland, California.

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Here is a demonstration using a drum input…

Here is a demonstration using an audio input…