Clock Manipulator


This device manipulates clock pulses in three ways. “Humanize” sets the amount of delay randomly applied to clock pulses. “Improbability” increases the likely hood that a clock pulse will be held back from being passed through. Finally, “swing” will delay every other pulse to change the feel. It works with either external 5V clock sources or can generate its own clock.

All three effects can be used simultaneously and mixed for desired result. This works well paired with a sequencer or drum machine to smooth out robotic perfection, add a groove feel, or create some chaos.

There is a speed control for the internal clock generator which is overridden when an external clock source is connected. In addition to a power indicator, a 2nd LED displays the original pulses and a 3rd LED shows the manipulated pulses.

Clock in and out are 1/8″ jacks. It is built in an aluminum enclosure and powered by an included internal 9V battery or any 9V Center-Negative DC adapter. Connecting a power supply will automatically disconnect and reserve the battery. This was designed and hand-built in Oakland, California.

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