Bent Time Drive


This combines delay, pitch shifting, and overdrive with circuit bending inspired techniques. While it has an audio input there are several feedback loops that will get this going all on its own, similar to a no-input mixing setup.

You have controls for drive, feedback, and time. Each of these is intentionally tweaked to push the limits of the hardware to completely destroy incoming audio if you choose. There are also three bend points that tap into feedback loops and glitches at different points in the circuit. Each of these has a momentary button as well as a toggle switch. These will respond differently depending on the other settings and work in combination with one another, although they do descend into chaos easily.

In addition to that there is a filter and volume control on the main output. Also, a bypass switch lets you toggle back to the unprocessed input.
The input and output are 1/4” mono and ideal for amps, effects or recording equipment.

It is built into a rugged purple die-cast aluminum case. This was designed and hand-built in Oakland, California.

Audio Out: 1/4″ mono
Audio In: 1/4″ mono

Power: 9V Battery (included) or 9V DC Center-Negative Power Supply (not included)

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