Date Completed: September 2012
Last Known Location:
São Paulo, Brazil
Calgary, Canada
Chula Vista, CA
San Bruno, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Dearborn, MI
Westlake, OH
San Pedro, CA

This is an 8-Bit Synthesizer built inside an original Atari paddle controller.

You have control over the pitch on the large original knob and an added knob controls the speed of the different effects. The original trigger button pages through the 9 modes.

Mode 1 – Simple pulse
Mode 2 – Run of freq. up
Mode 3 – Run of freq. down
Mode 4 – Run up and down
Mode 5 – Freq. with modulation
Mode 6 – Overlapping mod.
Mode 7 – Simple rhythmic loop
Mode 8 – Second rhythmic loop
Mode 9 – Noise produced by random frequency. Pitch sets the max freq.

A small red LED light flashes in sync with the effect. There is a built in toggle on/off switch. It is powered by an external 9-volt battery that clips on to the back. At the end of the original cable is a standard 1/4″ jack. I built this as a numbered set of 8.