by Michael Rucci

September, 2012
Available On Etsy


Built inside an original Atari Paddle is an 8-Bit synthesizer with 9 modes.

You have control over the pitch on the large original knob and an added knob controls the speed of the different effects. The original trigger button pages through the 9 modes.

Mode 1 - Simple pulse
Mode 2 - Run of freq. up
Mode 3 - Run of freq. down
Mode 4 - Run up and down
Mode 5 - Freq. with modulation
Mode 6 - Overlapping mod.
Mode 7 - Simple rhythmic loop
Mode 8 - Second rhythmic loop
Mode 9 - Noise produced by random frequency. Pitch sets the max freq.

A small red LED light flashes in sync with the effect. There is a built in toggle on/off switch. It is powered by an external 9-volt battery that clips on to the back. At the end of the original cable is a standard 1/4" jack. I built this as a numbered set of 7.