Date Completed: June 2012
Last Known Location:
Grass Valley, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Wilmington, DE
Stuttgart, Germany
Boston, MA
Sofia, Bulgaria
Sagamihara, Japan
Arlington, VA
Baltimore, MD
Austin, TX

This design has since evolved into the Drone Jar.

Built inside a reused jar, this drone synthesizer consists of three square-wave oscillators modulating against each other. The pitch of each is controlled by outside light sources hitting the three light sensors inside, so there is a lot of room for experimenting.
All of the components are built in a three dimensional floating circuit that comes down from the lid of the jar.

There is a single switch on top for power which is supplied by an included 9v battery. Two red LEDs indicate power and a 1/4\” output jack makes it easy to connect to amps, effects, or recording equipment.

This was built in a numbered series of ten.