Date Completed: November 2011
Last Known Location: Lasalle, Quebec, Canada

This is a lo-fi square-wave synthesizer built into a Guitar Hero guitar controller. The five fret keys are monophonic and sound the highest key being held down, this acts much like a guitar string when you hit the strummer switch. There are two modes, up for lower pitch and down for higher pitch. This does not play traditionally tuned notes and a pitch control knob acts as a way to tune the range of frequencies laid out across the five keys.

The whammy bar is used for pitch bending. There is a also a LFO modulation effect with controls for speed and intensity.

The three switches on the side control power, LFO effect and a permanant hold down on the strummer so you free up a hand to finger tap or tweak controls simultaneously. There is a volume trim control. The original led lights indicate power. It is powered by 2 AA batteries that are accessed behind the original battery compartment. Audio output via 1/4″ jack.