Date Completed: February 2011
Last Known Location: Lasalle, Quebec, Canada

This is a 8-step sequencer that triggers a stepped tone generator at 4 different frequencies.

You select the sound you want to hear on each beat by moving the alligator clip to any of the 4 metal posts. On the side two large knobs are repurposed from atari paddles. One controls the speed of the sequencer the other controls the pulse width of the oscillator, this lets you control the sound laid out across the 4 posts. LED lights indicate the step as well as what sound is being activated.

The box itself is old and about 6 by 6 inches and with the rubber feet about 4 inches high. The posts stick up about another 2 inches. It is powered by a US style wall adapter. There is a toggle power switch, and a 1/4″ audio output.

The controls cover an intentionally wide range so that it can be pushed to glitch out at the extremes or cause the sequencer to spit out slight swing rhythms.